Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Making Game Development more FLEX'ible

 Updated 19/1/11 22:59 with new screenshot and name below!

I was going to originally going to just quickly post some in-development screenshots of a Tile Engine (Called 'E-Phoria Tile Engine' for the moment) I've been toying around with previously in Flash (it took ages with the side dialogs and desktop standards based stuff, thus it remains unfinished due to this) and now in Flex Builder and leave a brief comment about the size of this paragraph, but, well, here we are.

I've been tweeting about Flex a bit recently (I've had it for a while but never 'got it' till now) and the reason for this is I believe it will be a lot easier to realise interfaces, applications and in-dialog Flash game stuff in Flex (and specifically the builder) since it does most of the wheel (not reinventing and all that) work for you so can effectively focus on the design of the vehicle (nice analogy no? :D).

Flash version (I'm still using cs4 mind)

Flash Builder version (I'm still on Flex Builder 3)
Flex also has implications on the last post regarding gDn in that it will allow me to replace all the user interaction elements with cleaner (or rich as they like to call it) elements that respond to input in realtime rather then via page refreshes and redirects plus offers optional effects and flare (kinda like using javascript via actionscript if you will).

It should also make creating the module dialogs gDn requires for integration within flash games much more easier and unified, creating a consistent and clean experience (if done right it could be a design / code once deploy everywhere effect). That should lower sign-up friction for you wonderful people and speed-up development for me (and make GUI development more joyous in general).

Some of this is theoretical (in-terms of actual completed practice) but provided I keep my focus and have correctly understood all my study / practical around Flex Builder, it should pan out as above in most if not all cases.
E-Phoria in the design view of Flex Builder, still lots of bits & pieces to add to get it to the Flash version's maturity, but it should be a cinch now.
Update #1 - 19/1/11 22:59
Decided to go with the name E-Phoria TileMason (I was gonna go with TileSmith :S) for the moment and I've also added a file menu that works in Windows & Mac with shortcut keys (no additional code necessary) via the excellent code-once work everywhere Flex native menu, sweet!
New File Menu, real shortcut keys and a snazzy new name (TileMason), well, it's better then that other name, right?

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