Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Just a general update...

Hiya all,

Just a quick update! Loads of stuff to happening, updated the website a little here and there. Added some new stuff and fixes to the blog(s) (see if you notice them!).

Game Dev wise, a few major things have happened, it is now formerly known as 'MiMic' (for avoidance of potential legal hassles and courtesy), from here on out (unless Microsoft or somebody says they've got the name registered or something) it will be know as 'Imitate'.

'Mimic Sound' as a game mode for now is scrapped. Just can't see it working. Also the game mode structure has generally been changed, but I'm still adding and taste testing the final flavours to this recipe. When it tastes right, I'll let you know. The below screenie shows one of the new game modes (pattern based click objects!).

The game itself has come along real well (apart from being sick for a total of six days, on two consecutive weeks, kinda messed up the schedule). In addition to the new name, the computer AI has greatly improved.

The computer now has the ability to bluff clicks, take up random positions and move a little more fluently which makes for a much better playing experience! Also new background graphics have been created for potential use as well as many, many, many (can I emphasise it any more?) bug fixes and clean-ups!

Below is the obligatory image(s) (loving PD Particles). There's probably more stuff, but right now time is filled, so I'll save it for another day, God Bless and later! Forgive any spelling/grammar mistake in advance!

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